Celebrating Your Loved One's Life with the Dignity and Respect they Deserve at sea.
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  11. DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
    DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
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  18. DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
    DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
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  20. DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
    DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
  21. DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
    DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
  22. DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
    DAS Family "Attended" Memorial Cruise
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Dignity at Sea offers families an admirable/intimate
alternative to carrying out their loved one's request
to be delivered to the open sea. 

Dignity at Sea understands how difficult
it can be to say"goodbye" to a close family member
or friend, and we can provide a memorable
setting in which to do so appropriately.

This aquatic release of their cremains,
carries out your loved one's request to continue
their journey to the end of time on the
"tides of the sea".  It's truly a heartfelt and beautiful
way to bid your loved one's farewell.

Dignity at Sea - Cremation Scattering Cruises,
services the following areas of
Central / East Coast of Florida:  
Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach,
Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, Port Canaveral
and Cocoa Beach, Florida. 

We offer all religions, Non- Religious, Veterans 
and Nautical Memorial Services.

Our mission is to provide a compassionate,
caring service, offering closure, peace and
comfort for those left behind.

    Dignity at Sea provides families with an opportunity to provide a personalized and dignified Memorial Service. "Attended" Memorial Cruises, which are attended by family and friends. "Unattended" Memorial Cruises which offers families who are personally unable to be present or seeking a lower cost alternative.
    A custom cruise isn't just a unique experience, it's one you will never forget. Sunset/Cocktail Cruise Proposal/Intimate Wedding/Anniversary Holiday Cruise Dining Cruise
    We work closely with our clients to engender complete trust. We will listen to your vision and do everything in our power to create it exactly as you envision it.