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1. Why do people scatter cremains at sea?  

There are a number of reasons.  Often, people reveal the family member loved the ocean such a great deal, they long to spend eternity in it.  Some people had military or nautical backgrounds, and it was a wish of the deceased.  Others say that nature created us and that we should return to it.  

2. Do I have to make a reservation or appointment?

Yes. Dignity at Sea is available by telephone and/or email, to schedule a time and date for the cremation scattering cruise at sea. Once a confirmed booking is made, we will provide you with confirmation date, time, directions, parking availability, etc….

3.  Is Dignity at Sea able to accommodate large groups?

Yes, whether your gathering a small or large, Dignity at Sea can make arrangements to accommodate.

4. Are Cruises available on the weekends?

Yes, cruises are available daily. Please note, weekends are in high demand, and book quickly, 
since it’s more convenient for most people to gather for a cremation scattering ceremony.

5. What is the best times of the year to schedule scatterings?

Weather in Florida is best during March thru October to cruise offshore.  All though, on many occasions, the weather has great cruising days during November thru February, but be aware the cruise may have to be cancelled, due to weather/marine conditions.

6. Is sending the cremains by US Postal Service a proven and reliable method?

Yes, it has been proven to be the best, fastest and most reliable method. Most cremated remains are shipped to us via registered mail. The use of United States Postal Service’s registered mail is by far the most secure form of transportation. The shipment is protected by the United State Government and guarded in a government facility to assure the safety and protection of the cremated remains.

7. How are the cremations dispersed from the boat into the ocean?

The Captain/Mate, with voluntary assistance from a family or friend, release the cremated remains directly into the ocean. Some families prefer biodegradable urns which are laid onto the ocean and slowly disappears and disburses cremated remains.

Many families bring floral wreaths (no Styrofoam or wires), loose cut flowers such as roses/carnations or flower petals, and cast on ocean after disbursement. It is a beautiful way to end the ceremony of your loved one. (Recommended Florist:  Port Orange Florist -

8. Would our family and guest’s be the only ones on the vessel at the time of scattering?

Yes. At the time of confirmation, the vessel is exclusively reserved for you, family and guests only. 

 9. Can you accommodate special requests for the scattering?

Yes, Dignity at Sea, will attempt to accommodate any special request.  (See Guest Reviews)

10. What areas of the Atlantic Ocean does Dignity at Sea provide services?

Primary cruise area is Ponce Inlet, Florida.  For an additional cost, Dignity at Sea is available to travel the Atlantic ocean to Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach of Volusia County, Fl.  

11. What type of clothing and shoes should we wear?

Comfortable clothing and light jacket, preferably wind-proof, non-skid shoes (no black soles), a head cover and sunglasses are recommended.

12. How and when is payment made?

"Unattended" Memorial Cruise- money order or cashier check must be enclosed with cremains, if shipping.   

"Attended" Memorial Cruise -  We accepts final payment upon completion of services.  We do accepts cash, money order, cashier's check.  Money Orders / Cashier Checks are to be made payable:

Dignity at Sea, LLC

We are currently not equipped to accept credit cards at this time.

Please email us at with any additional questions
 we may have not covered.
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